Our Platform

A dynamic and visual platform

We are a fast-evolving and developing TMS system for brokers and carriers. Our platform is simple and easy to use, but effective and dynamic. Our product is backed by the google cloud, and your information is encrypted. We are constantly improving and developing our technology to be the best competitive product on the market. There is no subscription and you can try our product or stop using our product at any time.


Track and Trace

Track your trucks using our mobile app.

Get location on a dynamic and visual map.

See traffic, and satellite images of your driver’s location.

Driver App

A mobile app that integrates with your web portal

Letting drivers accept orders, make check calls, upload documents.

Document Managrment

Easily customize invoices and rate confirmations

Store all your information in our system

Send and receive documents with ease


“Roin understands our transportation needs” SUNBELT, HOUSTON TX

Our platform provides simple solutions to very complex tasks and we are continuously evolving our TMS

“The level of personalized service, dedication and commitment that I have experienced as a customer of Roin Inc have been nothing short of extraordinary. Rain Inc represents the very best level of customer service I can imagine.” LAKIN TIRE

Our platforms integrated with mobile app which provides real-time location updates and track every vehicle movement