Constant Improvement-the big and the small

We aim to keep improving our system on a daily basis. Whether it's adding a small field or calculating better arrival times for drivers, we want this to be a system that is consistently advancing with technology.

Why we are better


We offer customized support so you are never left hanging.

Right now we use slack to create a workspace for our customers so they can reach out to us at any time.

“Roin Inc. has been a dependable partner for us to keep our trucks moving.”


“We are a 180 truck operation that runs Conestoga’s only. We rely on people like Roin to fill the gaps in our dispatch strategy. They always provide accurate information and fair pricing. But most of all, when there is a problem they take care of it. We all deal with brokers that are there to take the money and are no where to be found when problems arise. This is what sets these people apart. Especially our contact Dean. They are top notch.”